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Understanding the Jewish Roots of Christianity

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Yeshuateinu Company is a creator of unique, biblically based products with a purpose to bring glory to God.  Some of these products have been created to inspire Christians to seek an understanding of the Jewish Roots of the faith.  The word "Yeshuateinu" means "Our Salvation" in Hebrew.  Yeshua (Jesus) is the Jewish Messiah and the Savior of the World.

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An original feature film where a young Jewish man comes to the Lord through the prophecies that were fulfilled by Yeshua (Jesus)!

The price of Song Man is $14.99 + $3 shipping and handling (U.S.) for a total of $17.99

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The price of Song Man is $14.99 + $3 shipping and handling (U.S.) for a total of $17.99

Click Here to watch the Trailer on YouTube

Click Here to buy It From CCNow

David, a down and out musician, discovers a plot to kill him before he inherits his late father's company.  Forced out onto the street, he is taken in by Samuel, Sunny, and Butch, a homeless man and his kids who shelter and protect him.  Are they angels?  You decide.

As he writes songs about his situation, he is unaware that he has become a worldwide sensation as people follow his music and spiritual journey.  This heartwarming movie is inspiring and filled with suspense, adventure and laughter.  All ages will enjoy this touching film which won the Best Drama Award at the Creation Arts Film Festival.

Winner - Best Drama Over 30 Minutes - Creation Arts Festival

Finalist - Feature Film - Sabaoth International Film Festival

An uplifting movie about a sensitive but oblivious young man, guitar in hand, finds himself living on the street, and becomes surrounded by amazing people, two cherubs  and a 'Mother of all Mothers' who together, reveal God at His best.
Marina Saltman, Ph.D., scientist

"Song Man" is a touching movie with an important and powerful message. The story of David and Jonathan is creatively told in the present. And the songs this modern David sings can only be described as deeply moving and poignant. See "Song Man" and be truly blessed.
Rabbi Michael Wolf
Beth Messiah Synagogue

Song Man was a touching film about a young musician who isn't quite sure where he is going in life, only to discover that his future has been planned for him.  In an unexpected allegory of the Biblical account of David and Jonathan, and Saul's threat on David's life, this story makes the Biblical connection clear and compelling while keeping the audience captivated as you're never quite sure what is going to happen next in this modern twist.  As a mother of four children, I fully recommend this film for all ages.  Very well presented.
Laurene Wells

Heavens Blessing Tiny Zoo

Song Man is a quality film that has a captivating storyline. The story characters are engaging and make you care about what happens to them. I would recommend this family film to families everywhere.
Reece Tedford
Director of Christian films "God Help Me", "Squad 77", "The World is Waiting"

I thought that "Song Man" was an interesting film portraying the Story of David and Jonathan in a modern day setting. The Movie was an interesting take on these events as recorded in the bible and given a fresh new spin on the theme with some humor and drama mixed in--Altogether a very fun film and enjoyable for the whole family.
Hank Greaves
Everett, WA

Song Man is the story of a young man, David, an out of work musician struggling with life, love, and faith, who's unaware that people all over the world are following his music and spiritual journey through the songs he writes; among them, a couple of contract killers trying to prevent him from claiming the inheritance that rightfully belongs to him.

An Original Musical called "Messiahmas"


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