Werner and Muriel Wickaw

In Germany in the year of 1868">

Werner and Muriel Wickaw

In Germany in the year of 1868,
In a family with a large estate,
A child named Werner was born well to do,
Living as one of the privileged few.

When Werner was just nine years old,
His father gave him a small piece of gold,
He said "Save this gold to you will know,
You'll never live a life of woe".

So he took his gold wherever he went,
Knowing it could never be spent,
And he knew that he must always hold,
That precious little piece of gold.

At 15 he started a job,
He was well regarded as a snob,
As assistant manager of a bank,
For this job he had his father to thank.

At 19 he still lived at home,
Saving up money so he could own,
His own estate where he could provide,
A wonderful home for his future bride.

In Germany in the year of 1874,
A child was born to a family so poor,
She grew up working on the farm,
Muriel was a lady of great charm.

One day her mother sat her down,
And on her face she wore a frown,
Her mother knew she had to tell,
A story she knew very well.

"We were rich so long ago,
When I was very small you know,
But soon began our downfall,
And through the years we lost it all".

"So here is what you need to do,
What I say you know is true,
You must put an end to the shame,
And bring respect to the family name".

"You must find a many of wealth and fame,
Who has a well known family name,
The banker's ball is next week,
A man of fortune you must seek".

So she went to the annual banker's ball,
Held in the town's enormous hall,
Werner also attended that night,
When he saw Muriel it was love at first sight.

Within two weeks they were engaged,
Werner's father was enraged,
Because Muriel was so very poor,
He told his son he could see her no more.

So they waited till the very next night,
Knowing that their love was right,
"We must go someplace far from here",
Werner declared to Muriel his dear.

"My father will search for us far and near,
We don't want to live a life of fear,
Let's find a place far, far away,
We must leave right now without delay".

So they looked at a map to find a place,
To go if Werner's father gave chase,
They spotted Tobia as a place to go,
Far away so no one would know.

So they left for Tobia the very next day,
Hoping this was a place they could stay,
They arrived in Lompoc and caused quite a scene,
Demanding an audience with Emma the Queen.

"Please marry us they said, we have much to give,
In this country of yours we want to live,
To marry us we will gladly pay",
So she married them the very next day.

Soon they founded the "Werner Bank of Gold",
And all of the Tobian people were told,
"Bring all your money, don't be late,
We'll give you a better interest rate".

Soon Emma noticed that something was funny,
When people started withdrawing their money,
They made Werner very glad,
In his bank putting all they had.

Two weeks later Queen Emma awoke,
To discover her Tobian bank was broke,
She closed Werner's bank and threw them in jail,
Posted a guard and set no bail.

To the guard Muriel made a plea,
"Don't you care what has happened to me?"
Around her cell she walked and walked,
And talked and talked and talked and talked.

Day after day she never stopped walking,
Day after day she never stopped talking,
The guard quit his job saying that he was not lazy,
This woman was totally driving him crazy!

Finally Emma the Queen came on down,
Wearing on her face a very large frown,
"Just shut her up and you'll have me to thank,
You can run the Tobian National Bank!"

So in this year of 1891,
A new Tobian chapter had begun,
Werner celebrated with joyful tears,
A position he would have for the next 50 years.

Copyright Dan Olds 1998