In England in the year of 1884">


In England in the year of 1884,
In the back room of a little store,
A child was born with Aaron his name,
By the light of a candle flame.

In Aaron's home every Friday night,
There was a very beautiful sight,
Two candles were lit in the traditional way,
to welcome in the Sabbath day.

His father then went to synagogue to pray,
While back at home little Aaron did stay,
His mother prepared the traditional meal,
And celebrated the Sabbath with enthusiasm and zeal.

Repeating each and every year,
They observed their holy days with cheer,
Like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur,
Each day was holy and righteous and pure.

One night when Aaron was very young,
After all the songs were sung,
He asked "why are there so many days",
that we give our God so much praise".

His father said "if you must know",
We follow laws from long ago,
Some are traditions and some are from God,
I know that many of them seem odd".

"The prayers we say when we arise,
Were written by men who were very wise,
They are the sages, the teachers of old,
Their commandments are worth their weight in gold".

One day when he was older he went for a walk,
He met a young lady and they started to talk,
She said "Because you are a faithful Jew,
There is something that I must tell to you".

"This is something that you must know,
Your Messiah came so long ago,
Read you bible you'll see it's true,
His name is Yeshua and he came for you".

"The Messiah of Israel is plain to see,
Just read Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53,
Please read Isaiah 7:14,
A virgin birth is plainly seen".

So Aaron read these and many more,
In the back room of his father's store,
And soon he felt he really knew,
The claims she made were really true.

And then one night after going to bed,
He dreamt of Yeshua and to Aaron he said,
"I am you Messiah and I've come for you,
Have faith to become a righteous Jew".

So the very next day Aaron said,
"I believe that Yeshua was raised from the dead,
I believe he died so that I could live,
I believe all my sins he did forgive".

That day he told his father the news,
"We can be completed Jews",
At this his father became very mad,
And then he became very sad.

"You have turned your back on all I have done,
You can no longer be called my son,
What I must say I really dread,
You must leave for to me you now are dead".

"To the family you are a disgrace,
Go and live in some other place,
Take the next boat that leaves from here,
I want you to go and disappear".

So Aaron went and boarded the very next ship,
And started on a long sad trip,
He didn't even care to know,
To which place the ship would go.

So in this year of 1904,
The ship finally docked and he went ashore,
"Where am I", he asked, "What is this place",
That I've ended up in my disgrace".

"We're in Tobia", said one, "A beautiful land,
With snow capped mountains and beaches of sand",
So he found a house and rented a room,
Still very sad and filled with gloom.

He got a job in one of the shops,
Selling cakes and lollypops,
And he took some time every day,
To spend some quiet time and pray.

He prayed "Lord I really hope that I deserve,
To be somewhere that I can serve,
I am so sad and full of strife,
Please give me a purpose for my life".

The very next day he heard someone say,
Emma needed a servant right away,
He hoped from God that this was sign,
So he went to the castle and waited in line.

His turn came after he waited awhile,
"You must be Marshvont", Emma said with a smile,
"By looking at you it's plain to see,
That you'll be a wonderful servant for me".

From that day on he couldn't ignore,
He'd be known as Marshvont forever more,
For the next 60 years in the castle he served,
He finally got what he felt he deserved.

Copyright Dan Olds 1998