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Christian Kids Games

Christian Card Games

  • Redemption

    Redemption is an action-packed collectible card game (CCG) of adventure for two or more players. Lead your brave band of Heroes in a series of battles against your opponents' evil forces. The object of the game is to be the first one to rescue five Lost Souls who are being held prisoner in the Land of Bondage.
  • Amen

    Amen is the #1 Best-selling Christian card game on the market. 
    Be the first player to discard all of your cards and say AMEN! Beware, you may have to draw more cards or switch directions. Its familiar play, brightly colored cards, and great price combine to make this a winner for home, church, and travel. AMEN, the Christian alternative to UNO!
  • Kingdom

    The object is to obtain as many Kingdom sets as you can. The catch is, that as you try to build the kingdom, others will be also. As the scripture tells us, some kingdoms will be taken, others will be divided.

Christian Computer Games

  • N'Lightning Software

    N'Lightning Software's Christian game company is dedicated in providing the gaming community with high quality christian computer games that have a historical and biblical basis.
  • Heaven Quest

    Fun, 3D, Christian, Nondenominational, Family Computer Bible Game. Try to be the first to journey from the Gates of Eden to Heaven. All skill  levels. Kids can play against Mom and Dad.
  • Castle Enterprises

    They have computer Bible games for homeschoolers and youth.  6 game sets, approx. 30 different games.  Check them out!

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